Nigeria Sugar Mummy

Nigeria Sugar Mummy Ready To Pay You N600K Per Month

Nigeria Sugar Mummy Ready To Pay You N600K Per Month

Many Nigerians won’t whistle at night; it’s supposed to give you bad mojo. However, I’m sure many Nigerian guys would risk that old bad mojo if they saw Anita cross their path and wanted to get her attention. Oh yes, she’s worth risking a little bad mojo, no doubt about it.

Take a look at her main photo; something about the contrast of that deep blue with her beautiful caramel colored skin.

This Nigerian Sugar Mummy is open to guys from 22 to 50 so that might make the line long and wide so better hurry over to connect with her.

Listen to her define her ideal man;

I’m a single woman in my 30’s and my problem is that I cannot find a man and I honestly have no idea why. I’m very attractive and all my friends say I’m a nice person. On social media, some guys gasp at my curvy shape and take time to ask how I can look so fine, but no one ever approaches me in real life.

Please if you are young 18-30 and have a long stick, message me I will pay #600k every month. Share this post and admin will contact you with my number Thanks

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